Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Reflection Questions
  1. What have you done today? I and my new mates have started first to get to know each other, their hobbies, their 2 'special' things about them. Well after getting to know each other it was GAME time. However, I had forgotten the order of the games but most of the games are like u need to think fast and use your memory to remember the stuff.
  2. What have you learnt today? I have learned to be opened to everyone and we should be responsible for our stuff like our computer and we should do the right things all the time. We should also show our role model no mater who we are.
  3. Why did you choose to come to SST? I chose SST as my secondary school as i love science and especially the technology things. I also love to interact  and have lots of fun indoors/outdoors activities.
  4. What are your aspirations as a member of the SST family? Being able to become a professional in technology items and become a good role model.
  5. How have you grown from the activities conducted today? Use one of the pictures from the PICASA album which best illustrates your growth (especially in relation to the 3Rs) (Sorry it is above)
         I have learned to be a proper user as a Mac book user and i will not lose my Mac! :D

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